Why choose DentoCorrect?


unparalleled Clarity

There is no comparison between the clarity of DentoCorrect aligners versus other providers.


Snug-fit Aligner

We have snug-fit aligners which eliminate the need
for attachments.


No Attachments or Engagers

Our competitors use attachments to achieve difficult tooth movement. Patients do not enjoy having uncomfortable attachments or engagers in their mouths.

We bring you the Patient

Patients submit pictures of their teeth through our website. We then determine their eligibility for DentoCorrect aligners and match them with local doctors who are enrolled in our online portal.


Superior Service

There are no complicated menus or voice prompts — a smile specialist answers the call and speaks directly with you.

Fast Turnaround

We can provide setup in 1 day, once photos and PVS impressions or scans have been received. This means you can show the patient quickly, instead of having them wait. Once setup is approved, you will receive aligners in less than 10 business days.